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Oh dude, fuck that. When I went to Philly Comic Con, everyone was trying to get me to do the speed dating under the same “you’ll have something in common” pretense. Like there wasn’t a thousand things…
August 27th · 12:25 pm

5k in the bag! I got back from reading festival in rainy England yesterday, it was the most amazing festival and weekend of my life. I was camping with my mates for 4 nights in a cold tent were I would where a ridiculous amount of layers and I lived on biscuits and chips (glad to be eating healthy again) as I am no vegetarian so there was a limited amount I could eat 😭 we all listened to amazing bands like arctic monkeys, Bombay bicycle club etc and partied hard!! I think my healthy and fit lifestyle made the awful conditions and shit food more bearable then to most people somehow as I am mentally strong as well as physically !!!

Either way I miss reading it was the most fab and intimate experience !! Many happy memories :)
The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space
- Marilyn Monroe (via platinumbronzer)

August 27th · 3:06 am


some people have sex in the kitchen

i eat in my bed

August 27th · 3:06 am

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Where has this been hiding……